We take your security seriously

 Your online privacy and security is our number 1 priority.  We use the very latest technology to ensure your purchase and browsing experience is the safest it can be.

  1. It is always best the view this website through the https://www.mga.fruitbowl.com.au domain name.  Whilst other domain name formats, such as http://mga.fruitbowl.com.au will work, using https means there is a SSL security certificate encrypting the connection between your computer, and ours.
  2. We run the very best website virus scanners, that run 100% of the time, constantly.  This software picks up on any attempts to hack the website and blocks incoming threats immediately.
  3. All payment information is handled off site, by our payment gateway Merchant Warrior.  Merchant Warrior offer world class security, and because all payments are handled off site, your data is safe.
  4. Our website does not use any pop-up ads, forms or other formats of pop-ups.  If you see these, you should run your virus/ad/spyware scanner immediately to ensure your device is clean.
  5. We do not send any unsolicited emails.  Any data collected for use in our events, is tightly controlled and we will never contact you without permission.
  6. We always recommend using the latest version of whichever browser you use.  This website is best viewed on Google Chrome.


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If you do have any security concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at webmaster@fruitbowl.com.au